Our main focus is to provide a service of convenient and immediate online ordering. will take on the task to set up each of our restaurant member’s account so that it is customized to fit their needs.

List of services we can provide:

1. Dynamic Menu:
Allows the restaurant owner/manager to take advantage of our easy-to-use admin tool at to change their menu real time.
2. Online Ordering:
Customers can browse the menu and create an order which is faxed to the restaurant within minutes. The order invoice is easy to understand, professional looking, and calculates the total for the order, making it simple for the cooks and good enough to give to the customer.
3. Order Validity:
Restaurants will have the advantage in catching fake orders with the service.  Every time a customer creates an order, will inform the restaurant how many times this customer has ordered and how many times he/she did not pick it up. This number shows  up on the customer invoice that is faxed to the restaurant.
4. Order Reporting: will provide a reporting feature on the restaurant admin screen that allows the owner/restaurant to evaluate the orders being made on
5. Support: representatives will assist each of our restaurant members in setting up their menu online and help assist in making the order experience for the customer flawless. wants to make sure that our restaurant members are set up correctly, in a continuing effort to improve their business. will send a Restaurant Relations Representative to the location of the business, and gather ideas and information from the restaurant proprietor. wants all of our members to be comfortable with our online food ordering service.

CONSUMER MEMBER SERVICES has created our online ordering service to be more convenient for everyday consumers as well.’s Consumer Members will enjoy a simple experience, from signing in to the web site, to picking up their complete “customized” orders. By simply using their log in name, users will be able to order, and re-order, from their favorite restaurants.

Consumer members will have access to menus, contact information, locations, and promotional items. You can choose to receive promotions, coupons, specials, or new location information sent directly to your email address.



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