Order at your Convenience – Customers can take their time placing their orders instead of being pressured into making their orders quickly. They can choose to place their orders quickly or stay online for as long as they would like to continue shopping for more items.

Order Food without Holding – Even while ordering during a busy time of day (e.g. lunch or dinner), customers will never have to wait on the phone to place an order.

Simple Ordering Process – Customers are able to navigate through our detailed website to order their food in a Snap! Item prices and totals are calculated immediately, giving the customer updated expenses in real time.

Catering Orders - Customers find ordering large, complex orders easier online. They have the ability to take their time placing each order, making sure the quantity is right for their next party.

Complete Menu – Customers will view the complete and accurate restaurant menu and can order any combination of food while the prices are displayed and calculated as they go. They are also able to make "special requests" for each order (e.g. No Ketchup near my food please)

Marketing Restaurant Specials – Promotions, advertisements, or any other restaurant information can be emailed directly to online ordering customers if you want to opt-in.


Easy Online Menu Setup – You will be able to add/edit/delete items and adjust prices to your menu at any time with our "Dynamic Menu" feature. It will show up on your Snappy Menu instantaneously. No computer skills are required!

Increase in Customer Orders –
Customers will order more often from the restaurant since they will have easy access to the menu. They will be able to look at the menu whenever they want online.

Easy Order Retrieval – Receive your orders via a fax machine, directly in the hands of the cashier or chef (however you want to set it up).

Save Cost and Time on Labor –
Less time needs to be spent on the phone with customers who like to ask a lot of questions. Employees will be available for other duties, rather than taking carryout/delivery orders.

Advertise to your Customers Online–
Your customers can get coupons for your restaurants, along with other specials emailed directly to them.

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