How does’s online ordering system work?
The online ordering process is simple and convenient for both you and your customers.

Customers log onto your website and click “order online”
Then they are connected to the website we design for your online ordering.
They can then choose the items they would like to order and place the order.
The customer receives an email confirming their order. faxes the order to your business and calls you to make sure you received the order.
The customer then picks up the order or waits for delivery of the order.

Can I use’s service if I don’t have a website?
Yes. We would provide you with a URL where customers can view your menu and start ordering. We can also custom create a website for your restaurant!

Do I need Internet access or special hardware or software to use
No! You do not even need a computer! All orders are conveniently transmitted via fax machine.

How much employee training is involved in using’s online ordering system?
Very little training is involved. All online orders will be automatically faxed to your business. If our business is currently accepting fax orders, your employees should already be comfortable with this process.

How long does it take before we can start using’s service?
If you sign up today, if generally takes about 1-2 weeks for design – provided that we receive all necessary information from you in a timely manner.

How much does it cost to get setup with’s service?
Pricing is easy.
· Set up fee
· Monthly fee
· Unlimited menu item and price changes
· Unlimited Phone and E-mail support

Can I track my sales and customer information?
Yes, once a month, you will receive a sales report that summarizes the following:
· Total number of orders - Total Order ($)
· Avg. order size ($)
· Registered Customers
· Email addresses
· As well as you will receive a feedback survey right to your email after
customers first time order so you know how you are doing.

Who supports my online ordering site? closely monitors all incoming orders and ensures 99.9% up time. also provides unlimited phone and email support if you have any questions.


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